19 years old English literature student. A lover of tea and trees, coffee and cake, poems and pretty things, a believer in smiling, laughing, living and trusting in the possibility of happiness, whatever life may throw.
Type one Diabetes and Anorexia are two conditions i have, but they are not adjectives.
I am defined by the choices I make, which as with every life will include lows and highs. This blog is where I chart some of it, and if you have come along for the walk i admire your patience and perseverance!
Oh, and on a final note - Millie says hi x

This is my “I feel really shit, so going to try and dress in something weather-appropriate, put on make-up and make myself feel alive!” Mr sore throat has now been joined by Mr cold, but I have proofing for Exepose today and don’t want to turn up like a zombie in leggings. I always like my hair post-dying as it goes really thick :) in the last couple of weeks though I have noticed it looking drier/little bits coming out in my hands when I shower, which really upsets me. So I’m eating those almonds and getting my healthy hair back! I am admittedly nervous for the next couple months, with the whole ‘your hair reflects health three months previously’, but I need to live in the here and now as much as I can. *edit - S and D both commented on how ‘lovely’ I looked, so I went to proofing in this!