19 years old English literature student. A lover of tea and trees, coffee and cake, poems and pretty things, a believer in smiling, laughing, living and trusting in the possibility of happiness, whatever life may throw.
Type one Diabetes and Anorexia are two conditions i have, but they are not adjectives.
I am defined by the choices I make, which as with every life will include lows and highs. This blog is where I chart some of it, and if you have come along for the walk i admire your patience and perseverance!
Oh, and on a final note - Millie says hi x

Hey Uni room, nice to see you again :) love my little ‘keep calm and drink tea’ Christmas present, perfect addition! #yesiliketea #explainsmeinapresent #alreadyboiledthekettle #withinfiveminutes #thenrealisedihadnomilk #herbalteaitis #uni #exeteruni #student #pretty #homesweethome