19 years old English literature student. A lover of tea and trees, coffee and cake, poems and pretty things, a believer in smiling, laughing, living and trusting in the possibility of happiness, whatever life may throw.
Type one Diabetes and Anorexia are two conditions i have, but they are not adjectives.
I am defined by the choices I make, which as with every life will include lows and highs. This blog is where I chart some of it, and if you have come along for the walk i admire your patience and perseverance!
Oh, and on a final note - Millie says hi x

Brunch at carluccios! Muesli with yoghurt and berry compote :) honestly was more like granola! I asked the waiter if I could have milk instead of yoghurt, and he was like ‘that would taste weird’. So I trusted the waiter’s judgement… wish id stuck with my own! It was very crunchy, more like granola, but still nice and I am proud because breakfast out is probably the most challenging thing for me - and this was a BIG challenge with carbs/insulin. But I knew I probably needed something higher carb, as my blood sugar was low.
So in town now to get my toiletries etc… for Paris and hopefully to get some heels for tonight… Fingers crossed!